ChuckBronson Biography


‘Chuck Bronson’ was basically founded in the midninetees as the highly ‘Rage Against the Machine’ inspired ‘SOAP’ (!). Unfortunately a danish danceact called themself ‘Soap’ as well and they were the first to get a break through... Then the bandname ‘Fungus’ came up, but yet again – only for a short while. A swedish alternative rock band with succes also called themselves ‘Fungus’ and now phoned down the poor danish bastards and told them this and that... mainly; change your name, for christ sake... or we will play you some indie rock... yirks.

For a short period the band found that ‘McGregor’s Line’ was the right name for a modern rock act and the musical inspiration was slowly achanging as old bandmembers was to be replaced by new ones with totally different opinions on what true rock and roll is.

Former ‘McGregor’s Line’ guitarist Claus Reimer was replaced with Jesper “Fozzi” Fosdal who’s a big fan of british metal (Iron Maiden) and power metal which is clearly seen if you observe his attitude while playing the fierce guitar.

Bassplayer Brian “Bassoli” Pedersen is today the only member of ‘Chuck Bronson’ that has been around since the beginning. But he has been able to develop and follow the dizzy waves of ‘Chuck B’s’ musical adventure. God according to Brian: Les Claypool.

Later on the former drummer Morten Georg was replaced by madman Thomas Jørgensen who didn’t pull back his influence and now the band was suddenly becoming a groove rap ‘n rock band.

Lead singer Jeppe Hyttel Nedergaard now left the band for educational reasons and was replaced by babybrother Jacob Nedergaard. Jacob didn’t really know how to sing so instead he started screaming and rapping really fast.

In this period the band was without a name, but within few months the result of heavy beerdrinking and talks about lousy action characters paid off. The name ‘Chuck Bronson’ suddenly came up during a visit at the local Chuck B. chillout place; a pub called Børglum Bispen.

Soon guitarist Claus Hansen joined the band to spice up the sound and make it more massive. And it worked out pretty fine. Claus is inspired by acts such as King Diamond, Merciful Fate and Black Sabbath. In a short while he proved to be a skilled master of metal riffs.

Through a few gigs ‘C.B.’ developed into a skilled rock band and gained selfesteem through a succesful time. And then it was time to put it all down on a record...An EP with four songs (and three “hidden” tracks) was recorded in the new millenium and it was simply just called tHe eP. Surprised by their own talent ‘Chuck Bronson’ continued rehearsels at No Container in Hjørring and througout the years their songs grew and became really aggressive metal hits who especially appealed to drunken metalheads at local concerts.

In 2002 ‘Chuck Bronson’ played their (until then) biggest supportgig alongside danish melodic metalact ‘Jerkstore’. The crowd was a bit lazy and the moshpit pretty thinned out. Except for one blond guy with long hair headbanging as a freak not aware that he could injure himself. That was Martin Rimer Søndergaard. Nobody knew at that time that this dude was to join ‘Chuck Bronson’ a year later.

Drummer Thomas Jørgensen was losing inspiration and instead he found joy in Grethe Ingeman and also slipped into the big pink haze of booze and old school rock and roll that Elvis Presley left us. There was no other option: he had to leave the band... and later on – he became a teacher.

‘Chuck B.’ now teamed up with former ‘Repent’ drummer Theis D. who suddenly disappeared after a few rehearsals. Today we believe he is making milk and cheese somewhere out there.

Luckily Martin Rimer accepted to join the band in the beginning of 2003 and ‘Chuck Bronson’ went through another educational time where old school metal started to rule the music.

Leadsinger Jacob went through a rough time at that moment (not because of the the new drummer!!!) going through depression and anxiety attacks but ‘Chuck Bronson’ continued playing and got through their succesful gig at Kulturnat the 28th of may anyway and new and better times was to come.

Today ‘C.B.’ is back and stronger and better than ever. They recently played a gig alongside local metal legends ‘Dunghill’ and “oh, we are not worthy” ‘Mercenary’. A succesful gig where ‘Chuck B.’ despite of a lot of technical mistakes (caused by drunken musicians and the lack of a soundcheck) proved their love for metal and the crowd went wild cheering at the local heroes! Damn right you are!

And that’s about it for now. We sure do look forward to see you out there in the pit! But beware – it might be icy.

- Now it’s time, and it’s always time... to get he fuck off and get drunk!

Yours sincerely ‘C.B.’

© Chuck Bronson 2006