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October 20 2006
Due to lack of time and severe physical damages our gig at Den Gamle Biograf, Lønstrup has been cancelled!! We're Working hard to find a new date to rock the shit out of Lønstrup!!!
A few new gigs will be posted here ASAP!!!

Pix and video from our latest gig has been uploaded to the Media section!

Martin , CB
Check out the pix

September 26 2006
Getting warmed up for the Maiden concerts in Denmark in November we will be supporting Iron Maiden Jam (Maiden Aalborg) October 13. at Sysseltinget, Hjørring DK!
Being one of Denmarks most dedicated Iron Maiden fans, Fozzi Awaits this evening with much excitement!! right....!?! ;)

Martin , CB

August 21 2006
Happy B-Day, Fozzi

August 20 2006
Due to unknown reasons the gig with Mnemic ,september 29th, has been cancelled.
A new gig will hopefully be up soon...

Martin , CB

July 6 2006
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Martin , CB

July 3 2006
Due to severe technical problems, the recording of our latest material will be postponed for an unknown period of time. We're working hard to get the new shit on tape ASAP!!!
Check back soon!!!

Martin , CB

June 15 2006
Chuck Bronson will enter the studio on June 24th 2006 to start the recordings of our latest material
The new material is bit more up tempo, Heavier, Thrashier more groovy and melodic...IT KICKS F*UCKING ASS!!!! Beware.. there's a few killers among them!!
Christian Thrane who did our latest demo will be turning the knobs again!

Much more info on this will be up asap. Meanwhile check out our forum and/or drop a message in our guestbook

Martin , CB
Check out the Forum

June 7 2006
Finally we've added a forum to our website
Feel free to drop by and post a message
Check out the Forum

May 31 2006
Happy B-Day, Jacob "Lordi" Nedergaard.

May 28 2006
Pix and videoclips from Kulturnatten Hjørring 2006 has been added to the media section
Check out the pix

May 16 2006
Congratulations to Fozzi and Pia with their newborn daughter
The CB boys wish you all the best in your future ahead!

May 10 2006
Info on our next gig is up!!! Kulturnatten Hjørring 2006
Check it out

March 27 2006
Here is our new website which will soon be fully functional!!

March 22 2006
Here is a little update! we will have some gigs ready for you during the spring/summer and a new demo with our latest material will soon be in the works!! more on that later
We've uploaded some pix from our latest gig

Check out the pix

October 28 2005
Cute message from Mircea of Mnemic :

September 15 2005
October 29 2005 Sysseltinget, Hjørring with The Psyke Project and MCIP


August 21 2005
Happy B-Day, Fozzi

August 20 2005
We've uploaded some pix from The Rock!
Check out the pix

August 20 2005
We're glad to announce that we've found a new Bassplayer.
Andrzej T. Dziezyc will take over Brian L. Pedersens duties as Pumpgunner!!
We bid Andrzej welcome on the CB team!

August 19 2005
Finally ... here's an update!!!
A lot of stuff has been going on in the Bronson camp since the last update! First we want to thank all those who showed up at The Rock in july, and thanx to Spleen and Muzl...(Oh... and Excm for dropping by!!) WE HAD A KILLER NIGHT!!!!

A few weeks ago our longtime bassplayer, Brian, Decided to part ways with the band to make room for other projects. We thank brian for his Bassthumping through the years and good luck for the future!

Be sure to check back in the near future... some pix and additional stuff will be up soon!!
In the meantime check out our Discography

May 31 2005
Live video clips and pix added to the media section!

Check it out!

May 31 2005
Happy B-Day, Chief J

May 9 2005
Check it out...

May 8 2005
Thanx to everyone who attended the Metal Mania gig at sysseltinget May the 4th!!! we had yet another fucking blast.... Also thanks to Excm, Pilgrimz, Spleen and Visual Block for kicking so much ass!!!
Check the Live section soon ...New gigs are coming up!
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April 29 2005
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April 23rd 2005
Congratulations to Claus and Lene with their newborn daughter
The CB boys wish you all the best in your future ahead!

April 11th 2005
NEW GIG CONFIRMED!!! ... May 4th we will once again be destroying Sysseltinget Hjørring! This time with Excm, Pilgrimz and Spleen
Check the live section in a couple of days for more info
Go to Live Section
Live mp3 and videoclips coming soon!!!

December 24th 2004
Happy B-Day, You fucking drunk pathetic bastard!!

December 9th 2004

Dimebag Darrell Abbott
1966 - 2004

November 23rd 2004
HERE IT IS ... The long awaited update!!!
Some new pix from our latest gigs have been added to the media section
Also we want to thank "the filthy few" who supported us in lønstrup... You weren't many, but you were there ... huh!!! Check out some pix
More stuff coming soon!!!

September 7th 2004
Two New Gigs confirmed.
September 23rd with Spleen at 1000fryd, Aalborg ... C ya there!!!

October 28th Den Gamle Biograf, Lønstrup (more info coming soon...)

More info 1000Fryd

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